Vehicle tracking systems; work with a system consisting of GPS, GSM / GPRS, digital maps and special software. The mobile data devices plugged into the vehicles transfer the two pieces of information they receive from the GPS satellites (the actual time at which the satellite signal is transmitted and the location at which the satellite signal is sent and received) to the control and communication center over the GSM / GPRS network. Telemetry information such as temperature / coolness can also be read over the system, as well as connected sensors outside the location and time information. The incoming information is stored in the system servers with special software and users can access all kinds of data over the system. This structure constitutes the basic working ration of vehicle tracking systems.

It is a system that enables vehicles to be tracked and controlled over devices such as a computer, smartphone, tablet connected to the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thanks to GPS satellites. It allows you to track, record and control a large number of information, such as speeds, tracks they are following, where they are paused, idling times, etc., instantly and retrospectively.

Provides savings on fuel by providing the vehicle with information on out-of-work and unnecessary idling conditions.Allows you to avoid possible accidents thanks to speed control. Protect against theft by reporting position and contact information. Keeps you informed of the next time by following the maintenance, service and repair activities of your vehicles. Increase the productivity of your staff by monitoring the sudden lift, stop and harsh use of your drivers. Drive recognition system increases your control by calculating driving, stopping and running times of your drivers.