Finding New Cost Savings Today’s fleet managers are continuously looking for ways to manage their fleet’s total cost of ownership (TCO), minimize their operating expenses, and increase profitability. However, identifying new opportunities for savings can be difficult. Seyir Mobile Application provides  various different solutions to a fleet’s existing and potential cost savings in the areas of safety, fuel, maintenance, and productivity based on rich telematics data.

Most fleet managers are familiar with the concept of Return on Investment (ROI). But, the Cost of Ignoring (COI) should be taken into account together with ROI. The Cost of Ignoring is the amount of lost savings resulting from a situation where a company fails to undertake a strategic business investment in an area that would otherwise improve operational efficiency. In other words, the cost of not making an investment in operating efficiency is lost savings, or higher costs.

Goal  Increased Profitability  Increased Profitability
Strategic  Focus  Artan Karlılığın Yükseltmesi

 Minimize Operating Costs

Fundemantel  Question

How should we spend  money ?

Where could we save money ?

Four specific telematics-related cost savings categories are identified : safety, fuel, maintenance, and productivity :

Safety: Reducing Costly Vehicle Collisions

Fuel: Controlling Runaway Fuel Costs

Maintenance: Reducing Planned and Unplanned Repair and Maintenance

Productivity: Increasing Work Efficiency