Seyir Mobile Systems Incorporated Company  was founded as an R & D (Research & Development) company with its own software and hardware divisions in the field of vehicle tracking and fleet management systems with the advantage of experience and experience gained in the transportation and logistics sector from 1997 until the day.

Seyir Mobil, which manufactures its own software, is continuously developing business for new solutions to customers with its R-D office in Kocaeli Informatics Valley.

Having international quality certifications of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001

As a Part of our Global Mission, SEYIR now operates in East Afirca with Headquarters in Tanzania.

Our Vision
The vision of Seyir Mobile is to be a reliable solution provider partner in all aspects meeting the requirements of the industry in accordance with the national and international standards.

Our Mission
Offering the highest quality and the most reliable service in the field of vehicle tracking and fleet management systems with our qualified staff.

The quality policy of Seyir Mobile covers
To meet customer requirement and to solve the problems related with field operational issues,
To provide the most comprehensive solutions on-time keeping the customer satisfaction,To be competitive without giving up the
quality concern,
To establish the customer, dealer and personel satisfaction.

Our the most important values
Our the most important values that are to give importance to human and human values, not to give up the principles of trust, sincerity and honesty in order to keep customer satisfaction at a high level,